Testimonials from parents:

"Ms. Marti is infinitely patient with our daughter, Lola. We appreciate her no-nonsense yet compassionate teaching style, her wonderful pacing in lessons, and the way her passion for music infuses everything she does. We highly recommend her for anyone interested in learning the beauty of music." -Tricia
"My daughter began lessons with Ms. Marti at age 5 and has learned so much over the past year. Ms. Marti listens to the needs and interests of each child and is a very encouraging teacher with a love for her students.
Zanna willingly practices every day and gets excited to share with Ms. Marti what she has learned over the past week."     - - Sarah  


"Discovering Miss Marti after my children’s music teacher retired, was truly a blessing! After interviewing several potential teachers, we found Marti to offer just the right combination of “serious” study of the piano, complete with theory education, with a “fun” element. Marti realized that my kids were also involved in sports, school organizations, church, etc., and that piano/music was not their whole focus, and she enjoyed hearing all about their activities.  But, they realized that piano was also part of their lives, and in high school, they continued to choose to take piano, putting the necessary effort into their studies. Marti always selected just the right pieces for both my daughter and son’s personalities. Marti is not only a very talented teacher; she genuinely cares about her students. Thank you, Miss Marti, for sharing your love of music with my family!"  - - Teresa

"I am both a 'Marti Ahern studio mom' and a music professional (performer and composer).  Both of my sons have studied piano with Marti, starting when they were 5. My older son decided to pursue music as a career and was accepted into all the music schools he applied to, including Northwestern, Indiana University, and University of Texas’s Butler School of Music. My younger son, at 13 years of age, was capable of accompanying the choir and musical leaders of our congregation and, now as a high school senior, he plans to continue to study and play piano into his college years. I’m impressed, whenever I see Marti working with my boys and with other students, with how she adapts her whole energy and style to meet each child where they are and to connect with them and best reach their musical needs, all while pursuing a well-rounded musicianship approach. She lets her students have a voice and pursue their musical interests while also requiring high musical standards in her curriculum. She is strict with her expectations of the students and pushes each to their highest potential."   - - Abby

"We took our 9-year old to interview potential piano teachers and called off the search after our first meeting with Ms. Marti. Our child knew immediately that she wanted to learn from Ms. Marti. Since then our child has been practicing independently and looking forward to her lessons with Ms. Marti. We've had a great experience!"  - - Eby

  Testimonials from Students:

Adult voice lessons:

"With voice lessons, Marti helped me gain confidence and open up my voice.  Marti is positive and encouraging and the lessons are fun and challenging.  I sing professionally and direct a choir as part of my work and always refer folks to Marti when I hear someone is interested in taking voice lessons."  - - A. G.